Friendly Felted Easter Basket


Cascade 220 one skein each: Color A- turquoise , Color B-pink,
Color C-yellow , Color D lavender

  16” circular size 15
  Stitch marker
With color A CO 20 sts, k 21 rows in garter st.
At end of last row place st marker on right hand needle(the needle with the 20 sts)with this needle PU and
knit 10 sts along the side of garter st ridges, then PU and K 20 sts down the long end of bottom, then 10 sts
up other side of garter st ridge. You should have 60 sts, knit the last 20 sts till your marker.
Rounds 1-4; Knit with color A
Switch to color B and K rounds 5-8. Then switch to color C and knit rounds 8-11.
Switch to color D and knit rounds 12-19,
Round 20; K 25 ,YO, K 30, YO , K 5. Knit 2 more rounds in color D and BO.
For handle; cut 8 stands each color 18” long braid them together then pull each end through YO and knot.

Felting instructions:
Put basket in pillow case set water level to lowest setting and washer to highest
agitation . Wash in hot water for 20 minutes with a small amount of wool wash or detergent. Do not allow
to go through rinse and spin cycles. Rinse by hand if using detergent. Squeeze out excess water and make
sure to shape your basket as it will keep this shape when dry.