Easy Fingerless Gloves
1 Hank Baby Alpaca Grande or any 3st per inch yarn.
  A set of 10.5 double point needles.
  And a marker
Stitch glossary: CO = cast on, K1 = knit one, P1 = purl one,
  BO = bind off, st = stitch
Using 3 double point needles CO 24 st (8 st per needle).
Place Marker.
With 4th needle join work into round being careful not to twist
the stitches.
Work 10 rounds K1, P1 (ribbing).
Work 9 rounds K every stitch (stockinette).
For the next 6 rows you will be working the glove flat in stockinette (knit a row, purl a row) by just stopping at the
marker and turning back the other direction.
Join the glove back into the round at this point and work 3 rounds
knitting every stitch (stockinette).
Knit the last six rounds K1, P1 (ribbing) and bind of in pattern (K1, P1) loosely.
If you’d like to see these fun soft gloves we have a pair on display in the store.