Free Pattern for December

“Grammie’s Slippers”

Like many of you the Christmases of my childhood brought new slippers every year. Since they were usually made of acrylic, I would love them to a state of holiness before I grew out of them. The best part when you’re a child is how slippery they are on a tile or wood floor. I would never suggest that any of you grown ups go running half way up the hall and sliding the rest of the way. Here is a version that is similar to the ones I remember my Grammie making for me. She always knew my favorite colors.
200 yds for the largest size or less for smaller feet of worsted yarn
  Size 8 needles
  Tapestry needle
Sizes –
baby, child, adult (sizes are adjusted by foot length). This pattern is easily adjusted because of its simple rectangular structure.
Gauge –
4.5 stitches per inch
Cast on :
21( 31, 41) Row 1 – knit 6(10,12) , purl 1, knit7(9,15), purl1, knit 6(10,12) . Row 2 knit
Repeat rows 1 & 2 until piece measures inches from heel to beginning of ball of foot.

-Toe is worked in knit 12 purl 1 rib until entire piece measures foot length.
-Do not bind off.
-Cut yarn leaving long enough tail to thread through a tapestry needle and draw through all stitches at least twice and pull tight then fold slippers in half with right sides together and use remaining yarn to sew top of foot together and weave in ends.
- Heel is also stitched together with right sides together and remaining ends woven in.
-You can embellish with one or two pompoms and use puffy paint on the bottom if you’re not into sliding through he kitchen or down the hall.