“Make Harry Potter's Scarf”

“Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” is arriving on July 16 th at Babetta's and will be on sale for $25.99. You can make a Griffindor or Slytherin scarf of your very own with this pattern in children's or adults sizes.

Materials for Gryffindor: Children's size 1 skein each(MC) Plymouth Encore Worsted color #1382(gold) and (CC)#999(burgundy) and 2 skeins each color for adult's size.

Materials for Slytherin: Children's size 1 skein each (MC)Cascade 220 color #8509(gray) and (CC)#8893(dark green) and 2 skeins each color for adult's size.

Needles: size 10 straights and size H crochet hook for weaving in ends.

Glossary: MC-main color, CC-contrasting color, k-knit, p-purl

Pattern: For children's size cast on 30(40 for adults) with MC.

*k1, p1 every row for 22 rows, change to CC k1, p1 every row for 22 rows*. Repeat from * until you have 7 (8 for adults) sections in MC and 7 (8 for adults) sections in CC. Bind off.

Fringe: On the ends of your scarf you will be alternating your tassels from one color to the other beginning and ending with the contrasting color of the section your working on. Space 7 (9 for Adult's) tassels evenly across edge. Each tassel is made with 12 – 8” strands of yarn. Using a crochet hook and holding all twelve strands together, pull the center of the bundle through the scarf edge about half way through and then pull ends down through loop made with hook. Ease strands into snug large knot.